About Eileen Olimb
I am born in Norway and spent many years travelling the world until I settled  in Luxembourg in 1995.
I love strong colours and movement, people and faces and I use it all in my art. I sometimes use materials such as news paper, old posters collected from wherever I go or anything that I can find that can be used in my paintings.
I have not settled on a style yet and I tend to change and try new things out regularly. I guess there is still a red thread going through all of the paintings from beginning until now.  I used to be fascinated by the very naive and colourful art, almost child like and I integrated a lot of very nice and colourful materials. At one point I was very much into great icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn and so I used a lot of posters and created art around them. This was more collage art than painting.  One day I was asked by a local rock artist to create a pin up girl cover and this led me to all the graffiti dance pin up paintings. I had the best time making these and I am very happy with them. I have done ballet and fitness all my life so I loved the idea of dances in front of graffiti walls. The soft and the rough in a beautiful harmony. 
I found abstract art very difficult in the beginning but now I can't enough of it. The possibility to just let yourself go completely and let the painting make itself is an amazing feeling. I have studied Geography, third world development and environment and have a Bachelor of Science with Honors. The social aspects of people  combined with all my experiences while traveling is a definite recurring theme in my art.

All copyrights reserved by Eileen Olimb  2018

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